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this week is almost over!

posted May 4, 2012, 10:52 AM by bernie arai
i forgot to post re: the last few nights (sharon minemoto quartet at el Barrio and DBLS at kozmik zoo) but TONIGHT (friday) there is:

Kevin Elaschuk - trumpet
Dave Say - saxophone
Tommy Babin - bass
Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals

friday may 4
1067east (1115b east hastings, enter at 360 glen dr)
doors 10pm music 10:30pm

years ago i played in a few bands with dave hidden legend pianist george mcfetridge (called Strange Weather (with steve holy on bass) and inexplicably YT (with Alan Penfold on trumpet)), so this is a real treat to get to improvise with dave after such a long time. kevin, tommy and i used to play a few trio shows at the old 1067 space, doing some of kevin's compositions, some ornette tunes and improvsiations.