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I will try my best to keep gigs listed on this page (definitely the ones with my own bands, hopefully most of my sideman dates too), forgive me if I lapse occasionally for periods of time...

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Vancouver International Jazz Festival 2018

posted Jun 12, 2018, 10:32 AM by bernie arai

Jazz Fest 2016

posted Jun 19, 2016, 10:04 PM by bernie arai

Increasingly sporadic posts. Apologies.

This is for jazz fest and vicinity:

Paul Keeling Ancient Lights Quintet
Saturday June 25 12pm Free
Robson Square Stage

Jaclyn Guillou
Saturday June 25 8pm
Dave Dunnet Community Theatre, Victoria

Ingrid Stitt Quartet
Tuesday June 28 7pm
Pat's Pub

Geoff Claridge Quartet
Wednesday June 29 12pm Free
Granville Island Market Stage

Paul Keeling Ancient Lights Quintet
Thursday June 30 8pm Free
Pat's Pub

Brad Turner Trio
Saturday July 2 3pm Free
Pat's Pub

Bernie Arai's Goat Logic
Sunday July 3 2:30pm Free
Roundhouse Community Centre Exhibition Hall

Jaclyn Guillou
Sunday July 3 8pm
Frankie's Italian Bar and Grill

Hope to see you somewhere in there!

Comically sporadic update

posted Oct 25, 2015, 11:01 PM by bernie arai   [ updated Oct 25, 2015, 11:16 PM ]

so it seems that maybe twitter is better or me to announce shows? i don't know. anyways, here's a few for the next while:

Wednesday Oct 28
Libra Room with Jeff Younger Trio

Friday October 30
Merge with Chad Makela Lighthouse Project

Sunday November 1 (afternoon)
Tangent Cafe with David Blake Quartet

Friday-Saturday November 6-7
Frankie's Italian Kitchen with Brad Turner Trio and Quartet

Sunday November 8
Frankie's Italian Kitchen with Jennifer Scott Quartet

drum'n'bass night

posted Oct 13, 2014, 2:18 PM by bernie arai

no, it's not 1993 at the Chameleon. i mean the original drum and bass:

wednesday october 15 8pm
jazz at presentation house
333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver

tommy babin - double bass
bernie arai - drums and cymbals

should be fun!

This weekend!

posted Oct 2, 2013, 12:34 AM by bernie arai

Ok another of my sporadic attempts to self-promote:

Wednesday Oct 2
Daryl Jahnke Trio
Kozmik Zoo 9pm
Daryl Jahnke - electric guitar
Kerry Galloway - electric bass and ukulele bass
Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals

Friday Oct 4
Miles Black Quartet
Cellar Jazz Club 8pm
Miles Black - piano
Brad Turner - trumpet
Andre Lachance - double bass
Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals
(performing a musical tribute to jazz legend Claude Ranger)

Saturday Oct 5
Miles Black/Dave Say Quartet
Pat's Pub 3-7pm
Miles Black - piano
Dave Say - saxophones
Paul Blaney - double bass
Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals
(performing a musical tribute to jazz legend Wayne Shorter)

Saturday Oct 5
Elaschuk Say Holy Arai
glen67 10:30pm
Kevin Elaschuk - trumpet
Dave Say - saxophones
Steve Holy - double bass
Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals

Do you remember?

posted Sep 10, 2013, 11:32 PM by bernie arai

The 21st night of September? Maybe that was the last time I updated my gig notices. Sheesh.

Thursday Sept 12 9pm
Brad Muirhead Quartet at El Barrio

Brad Muirhead – bass trombone
Jared Burrows – guitar
Lyle Hopkins- bass
Bernie Arai – drums

playing original music by Brad

Friday Sept 13 10:30pm
at glen67 (1115b east hastings)

bill runge - baritone saxophone
chad makela - baritone saxophone
hugh fraser - electric piano
tommy babin - bass
joe poole - drums & cymbals
bernie arai - drums and cymbals

70's-inspired jazz funk fusion

Sunday Sept 15 8pm
Karen Graves - saxophones, flute and vocals
Sharon Minemoto - piano
Brent Gubbels - bass
Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals

Vancouver International Jazz Festival: completely unbiased and selfless recommendations

posted Jun 19, 2013, 12:06 AM by bernie arai

Ok, ok, maaaayybe a little bias and a smidgen of selfishness. Because it's just a list of my own jazzfest gigs (if I were doing any trad gigs, i could call it "jassfest" but that's another story).

In chronological order, and hopefully with some description if I stay awake long enough to write them:

Sunday June 23 12:30pm Downtown Georgia Stage
John Stowell/Mike Zilber Quartet
I've been lucky to play with Bay area saxophonist and composer Mike Zilber a handful of times over the past few years. More recently he's brought up bassist Jeff Johnson from Washington, who I was already a fan of from his playing in the Hal Galper Trio. I've only had one opportunity to play with Oregon-based guitar legend John Stowell so far (also thanks to Mike) and this will be the first time the four of us have performed in this configuration. Hopefully we'll do some material from John and Michael's recent album.

Saturday June 29 4pm Canada Place Stage
Bill Coon Trio
The "Bill Coon Trio" as I know it features the dynamic duo of Dave Robbins and Darren Radtke on drums and bass respectively. However for this performance Jodi Proznick and I get to play some of Bill's original compositions as well as material from Jim Hall and the "Poll Winners" classic guitar trio.

Saturday June 29 9pm Roundhouse Performance Centre
Hard Rubber Orchestra
One of my favourite things about the jazz festival in my home town is that it occasionally puts me in a position where I have to switch musical gears drastically in a very short amount of time. Vancouver is such a great city to learn about many different but related kinds of music and not have to settle for mediocrity in any of them to do so. On this day I get to go from guitar trio to new music big band in one afternoon! Getting to play with the Hard Rubber Orchestra or its offshoots (all led by John Korsrud) is never boring and always a treat. I think for this performance we will be premiering two new commissions for the band, from Scott Good and Giorgio Magnanensi. I'm working on learning the music now...

Sunday June 30 2:30pm Roundhouse Exhibition Hall
Tommy Babin's Sendero Luminoso
I think the entire Vancouver community (both musical and otherwise) sadly tolerated the absence of bassist Tommy Babin for the past few months while he began graduate studies at UCSD, but he's back baby! Tommy first convened this band to perform his arrangement of the entire Rush album 2112, and eventually his mandate has morphed into a Chilean communist referencing, Brazillian tropicalia influenced vehicle for his new compositions. Think Tom Ze playing free jazz (which I guess is not that much of a stretch if you're familiar with Tom Ze).

Monday July 1 12pm Granville Island Performance Works
Sharon Minemoto Quartet
Canada Day at Granville Island is always a hoot, with so many stages and so much music, there's a good time to be had by all.  Bring the whole family! Except the weird cousin who's always yelling at himself in the mirror when he thinks no one is watching. Leave him at home. Sharon is my longest-standing musical friend (if that term sounds awkward, I was trying to find a way not to say "oldest" musical friend which had an unintended implication) and I played my first jazz gig ever with her way back in 19*ahem*arumph* (the details of which I will spare you). This quartet is a fairly recent endeavor, as Sharon leads/has led trio and quintet ensembles as well. The program for this performance focuses on the music of our deeply missed and recently departed friend and mentor Ross Taggart. We will be playing both his own compositions and some pieces written for him.


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