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2017     Densabi    Densabi    Phonometrograph    Digital Electronics
2016     Sharon Minemoto    Safe Travels    Pagetown Records    Drums
2015     Brad Turner Trio    Here Now    Drums and Cymbals
2015     Bernie Arai Chris Gestrin    Wabi    Phonometrograph    Drums and cymbals
2015     Geoff Claridge    Sketches in Colour    Drums and Cymbals
2014     Paul Keeling    Ancient Lights    Independent    Drum set
2009     Dark Blue World    the perilous beauty of madness    Drip Audio    Drumset
2009     Mimosa    Meli-Melo    Independent    Drumset
2008     Joani Taylor    In My Own Voice    Wetcoast Records    Drum set
2008     Elevatorhead    Opening    Unity Waves    Drumset, Electronics
2008     Luis Giraldo    It's Always You    Independent    Drumset
2007     Chris Gestrin     after the city has gone     Songlines     Drums, Cymbals
2007     Jennifer Scott     Mile 41     Renjen     Drumset
2007     Altered Laws     Metaphora     Artist     Drumset/percussion
2006     Fred Stride Jazz Orchestra     Forward Motion     Cellar Live     Drumset
2006     Ugestu     Live at the Cellar     Cellar Live     Producer/Drumset
2004     Crash w/Dr Lonnie Smith     The Doctor Is In     Cellar Live     Drumset
2004     Megan Fanning     Influence     Collingwood Records     Drumset
2004     Brad Turner Trio     Question The Answer     Maximum/Universal     Drumset
2004     Jon Bentley Quintet     Motions     Independent     Drumset
2003     Brian Lynch Quartet     Fushia/Red     Cellar Live     Drumset
2002     Sharon Minemoto Quintet     Side A     Cellar Live     Drumset
2002     Ross Taggart Quartet     Thankfully     Cellar Live     Drumset
2002     Hard Rubber Orchestra     Rub Harder     Victo     Drumset/Percussion
2001     Various Artists     Maximum Jazz Presents: Live at the Cellar     Maximum     Drumset
2000     Vancouver Nights     Vancouver Nights     Endearing/Quattro     Drumset
1999     Ken Aldrcroft Trio +1     His Mistress Never Sleeps     Independent     Drumset
1998     Diversions     American Prophecy     Independent     Drumset
1997     Colorifics     Living City     Trademark     Drumset
1997     Another Girl     In The Galaxy     RCA     Drumset/Percussion