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2010 fever?

posted Feb 13, 2010, 11:10 PM by bernie arai
ok, so i guess it's high time i mentioned a few performances upcoming that are supposed to coincide (occur synergistically?) with some kind of sporting event that is partially occurring in our city over the next few weeks.  here's a few (mind you, these are just the official VanOC shows); they are all free admission except for the club 2010 show.  click on the listings for links to more info:

Anagram (Anna Lumiere, Graham Ord, Adam Thomas and me)
Monday February 15th 9:30pm
Place de la Francophonie - Club Adrenaline
Granville Island

Altered Laws
Sunday February 21st 2:30pm
Performance Works, Granville Island
part of Winterruption

Ugetsu (my sextet with Jon Bentley!)
Monday February 22nd 7:30pm
Richmond Ozone
(no link b/c as of now the ozone website is DOWN!)

Ugetsu (again! but this time with the original lineup)
Tuesday February 23rd 11:45pm
Performance Works, Granville Island
part of Club 2010

Saturday February 27th 11pm
Live City Downtown
(Georgia @ Cambie)