son of baridrum

Post date: Aug 14, 2011 4:36:43 AM

i like doing the odd wedding/casual (i actually enjoy it quite a bit when it's with the right bandmates) but it's also a treat to get to play in a completely unique (to me at least) instrumentation and situation trying to make something happen. we've played in this configuration twice before and both times have been are real blast. there's something about pitting the same instrument against the same instrument that ups the ante improvisationally speaking, so doing it twice in the same band makes for everyone bringing their "a" game.

if only someone can help us come up with a name for the band...


chad makela and chirs kelly - baritone saxophones

skye brooks and me - drums and cymbals

friday august 19

doors 10pm, sets 10:30, 12

1067 granville st (at helmcken)

alley entrance, ring buzzer on ceiling