Rubber Arms

Post date: Jun 15, 2012 7:29:25 AM

Wow, I write too many "It's been too long since I updated this page" posts.

For the longest time we went by "baridrumbaridrum" or some variation for lack of a better name. Then the wonders of the Internet Anagram Generator got stuck in one cog of the creative gears of the band and we ended up with Rubber Arms (as in "twist my"). Not an actual anagram, true, but "I'd rub arm" does come from "baridrum" FYI.

Rubber Arms are:

chad makela and chris kelly (baritone saxophones)

skye brooks and bernie arai (drums and cymbals)

Friday June 15

1067east (1115b East Hastings, enter at 360 Glen Dr)

doors 10pm, show 10:30pm


In the next few days I'll put up my Jazz Fest schedule so you can all follow me like paparazzi to every show...