some shows at el barrio

Post date: Aug 19, 2012 7:14:35 AM

why does it take so long for me to start posting here again? what is the sound of one hand clapping?

although officially i believe that the venue (as well as the music series hosted there) has changed names, the live music on wednesday and thursdsay nights will always (it seems) be referred to as "el barrio." i'm excited for my next few gigs there:

Thursday August 23 9:30pm

Tom Wakeling Trio

Tom Wakeling - bass

Brad Turner - electric piano

Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals

Looking forward to my first opportunity to play with Portland bassist Tom Wakeling (with many thanks to Andrew Millar). Brad and Tom recorded an album years ago with Portlanders (is that the right term? Portlandites?) John Gross on tenor sax and William Thomas on drums which is still in heavy rotation on my playlist.

Thursday August 30 9:30pm

The Big Much

Chad Makela - baritone/alto saxophones

Dave Skilua - electric guitar

Bernie Arai - drums and cymbals

A bit of a reunion as we haven't performed much lately. Hope to have some new music to tackle, and it will be nice to try and perform in a venue that is not 1067east...

Both shows are at:

El Barrio

2270 East Hastings Street (just West of Nanaimo)

Cover by donation (suggested $1,000,000)